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Author. Coach. Believer.

Tracci Johnson has written a book to challenge women to stop walking in defeat and stop behaving like part-time Christians. Instead, take their authority as full-time warriors for the kingdom.

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How did I get the better of insecurities, fear, divorce, and heartbreak? How did I forgive and rid myself of bitterness? How did I dig deep and chart a new way forward?
Read my engaging story as I bare it all.
My DESIRE is for this book to encourage and motivate you to ditch the pretense and live authentically; discover how to cultivate feelings of acceptance, love for self, and self-worth; and learn to conquer the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that have tormented you all these years.
You have a rightful place in the kingdom of God. This is the perfect time to find it, pursue your purpose, and live the fulfilling life you deserve.--Tracci

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I’ve never considered myself a writer of any kind before. I cannot honestly say I ever particularly enjoyed writing anything. So, you might ask, where did I get the nerve to write a book? The only answer I can give is God gave it to me. I started to sense God’s revelation that all the trials, pain, and heartaches I’ve experienced (mostly caused by me) were not just for my spiritual growth or to draw me closer to Him.

But just maybe, I could encourage someone else to trust God a little more and avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. I could have easily overlooked this revelation, but one night, God woke me up nine times, and each time, He gave me a thought that I wrote down. By morning, I had nine thoughts, which correspond to the nine chapters in this book.

Maybe you will find yourself in some part of my story. My desire is to challenge you as a believer, to rise to your rightful place as a child of the Almighty God, a joint heir with Christ Jesus! I challenge you to stop walking in defeat and stop behaving like a part-time Christian. Instead, take your authority as a full-time warrior for the kingdom. Do not just talk the talk but walk the walk. Stop being a part of this generation that engages in dangerous mistrust.

Much Love,


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